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Binge Drinking

Binge Drinking

Binge Drinking


While the debate over the virtues and harms of marijuana continue, most everyone agrees that marijuana can have damaging and lasting affects on the developing adolescent brain. Adolescents (as compared to adults) experimenting with marijuana are more likely to develop an addiction and become dependent on marijuana.

Links to Articles & Sources

Marijuana May Hurt the Developing Teen Brain — National Public Radio

Marijuana may hurt the developing brain.  It is a mistake for teens to use marijuana as it can create permanent changes to the structure of the teenage brain.


Marijuana Users Have Abnormal Brain Structure & Poor Memory

Study from Northwestern University
Major study links marijuana use during adolescence to brain abnormalities.  The younger the drug use, the more abnormal the brain.


Why It’s Still a Big Deal if Your Teen Smokes Pot — CNN

Adolescence is a very sensitive time for brain development.  Marijuana use during adolescence can affect brain development.


Decriminalizing Pot May Land More Kids in the ER — Science Daily


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