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Who We Are – Barrington LEADS

Who We Are

Our Vision

To create a caring community free from substance abuse.

Our Mission

To be the community resource for parents and students interested in preventing and reducing youth drug and alcohol use in the Barrington area.

Board Officers

Kirsten Neptun Chair Barrington Area Resident & Parent
Barbara Harris Secretary Barrington Youth and Family Service
Shelly Herr Treasurer Barrington Area Resident & Parent
Gene Dawson VP Sustainability Barrington Township Supervisor
Dave Conroy VP Communications Barrington Area Resident & Parent

Scott Cox

Joe Kelsch

VP Programming
EC Advisor
Barrington Youth and Family Services
Barrington Area Resident

Board of Directors

Dave Conroy
Scott Cox
Barrington Area Resident & Parent
Barrington Youth & Family Services
Karen Darch Village of Barrington, Village President
Gene Dawson
Deidre Flynn
Barrington Township
Barrington Area Resident

Barbara Harris

Barrington Youth & Family Services
Shelly Herr Barrington Area Resident

Joe Kelsch

 Barrington Area Resident
Martin Konser Barrington Area Resident
Jeff Lawler Barrington Village Manager
Steve McWilliams Barrington High School Principal
Leonard Munson Barrington Area Resident & Parent
Lisa Nelson Barrington Area Resident & Parent
Kirsten Neptun
Garrett Oberkircher
Susie Savage

Barrington Area Resident & Parent

BHS Police Resource Officer

Barrington High School

Jacqueline Rhew
Rita Rippentrop
Jennifer Robinson
Barrington Area Resident
Barrington Youth & Family Services
Barrington High School Deans Office
Jennifer Schramm Barrington MS Station, Guidance Counselor
Brian Turcotte Barrington MS Prairie, Guidance Counselor
Amy Winkelman Barrington High School, SAP Coordinator

Advisory Board

Janet Agnoletti Barrington Aeea Council of Governments
Dr. Brian Harris Barrington School District, Superintendent
Penny Kazmier Barrington 220 Board of Education
Leslie Luther-Jeschke Barrington Area United Way, Executive Director
Chrissie Mena President of LIVING60010 Media Inc.
Mike Ploszek Advocate Good Shepherd Hospital, Vice President

A Few Words from the Coalition President...

There is no question that Barrington is a community that embraces the desire to improve upon what already exists.  Just strolling down Cook Street or milling about the library, it is obvious that there are many organizations which work diligently year round to raise awareness, funding or general support for a cause in which they are passionate.  Barrington LEADs is included in that effort.  As a coalition comprised of local parents, students, government officials and health agencies, we strive to improve the quality of living for the youth in our community.  We educate to raise awareness about the risks involved with underage drinking and the use of illegal substances.  Our primary goal is to decrease the number of youth who consume alcohol, the number one drug of choice in our community, according to the 2012 Illinois Youth Survey (IYS).

Ultimately, we are acutely aware that our efforts are not effective by themselves.  The messages teens and youth get at home are vital to the success of curbing underage drinking.  Please take the time to go through our newly designed website and learn how you can take simple steps to help your children.  We offer many tips and guidelines as well as local resources in the schools and community for you to use.  Together, we can make a difference for the youth in Barrington and know that the community is a better place because of our efforts.

Kirsten Neptun
Barrington LEADs Board President

Barrington LEADS Bylaws

LEADS Bylaws-2.pdf
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