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Barrington LEADs launched an exciting new community-wide program initiative called Barrington Committed. This new initiative is based on a unique framework called Life of an Athlete, (LOA), created by John Underwood.  The LOA program is multi-faceted and focuses on factors facing today’s youth that directly impact their physical, behavioral, and intellectual development.  Specifically, these factors include proper nutrition, sufficient sleep, and the benefits of being drug and alcohol free.

Barrington Committed follows in the shadows of a new BHS program called Broncos Committed, which started in the fall, 2012._Barrington Committed extends the Broncos Committed lifestyle philosophy to younger athletes, and beyond athletes to the community as a whole.

We see an amazing potential for the Barrington Committed initiative.

We are applying these relatively simply concepts to youth organizations ranging from youth football to youth soccer to youth dance to scouting programs.  The commonality among these wide-ranging youth programs is the development of commitment, inclusion in something larger than themselves, self-esteem, self-confidence, and other character-building qualities.  Leading our youth to make healthy choices on nutrition, sleep, and choosing to be drug and alcohol free, will allow these youth to reach their full potential.

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