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Reality is a club of BHS students who recognize the value in learning to have a great time without using alcohol or drugs.  Letting your brain and body develop without the interfering and harmful effects of alcohol or drugs is one of the greatest and healthiest gifts you can give yourself.

Reality is a way for kids to meet up with others who are committed to a healthy lifestyle. It is an association with a group of students making positive choices as much as it is a school club.  Students can join at any time.


Snowflake Leader Information

Snowflake Leaders
Sophomores through seniors are eligible to be Snowflake Leaders.


Broncos Committed

Broncos Committed is Barrington High School’s version of the Life of an Athlete program, developed by John Underwood from Lake Placid, NY.

Broncos Committed is not a club – it’s a lifestyle that raises the bar of excellence for both the athlete and the non-athlete.  It asks BHS students to commit to a 100% drug and alcohol free lifestyle, and it provides scientific rationale for all things related to optimal performance.  Broncos Committed is every bit as much about character and committing to one’s own excellence, one’s team, school, and community.

P.A.C.T. — Peers All Coming Together

PACT aims to help connect BHS students who might not otherwise get to know each other.  Each year, 10 small groups are formed, led by two senior leaders and one BHS adult, consisting of 12-15 students per group.  PACT in addition to connecting BHS students, aims to positively impact school culture and develop leadership skills by means of involvement, team building, participation, and group discussion.

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