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Barrington LEADS – To make difference for youth in our community


About Barrington LEADS

Barrington LEADS, represents a community coalition effort based on the premise that local people are in the best position to solve specific local problems. People are more likely to support what they helped create, and change is most likely to occur when the process engages many facets of a community in a collaborative approach.

Our membership has grown to more than 400, mostly parents who want to become knowledgeable about teen drugs and alcohol usage and learn ways of navigating these tough parenting years.




Parent coffees are an informal way to learn about and discuss current issues facing our teens.
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Guest Speaker Series


Strong Parents = Strong Youth. Specialists focus on interactions between parents and teens with regards to drugs, alcohol and adolescent development. Learn More

Barrington Committed


A lifestyle initiative based on a unique framework called Life of an Athlete (LOA), focusing on factors facing youth that directly impact their physical, behavioral, and intellectual development.
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Feets of Strength


A 5K Run / 2K Walk in Citizens’ Park that raises funds and awareness of Barrington LEADS.
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In-School Programs


Barrington LEADS supports Snowflake, Broncos Committed, Reality and other programs that promote a drug and alcohol free lifestyle.
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The Cool Factor

The COOL FACTOR is a social marketing communications campaign directed towards the students of Barrington High School. Learn More

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  • Did You Know..

    The sooner you talk to your teen about alcohol, the greater the chance you have to influence their decision not to drink.

  • Did You Know..

    The total average cost for a DUI conviction in Illinois is $14,660.

  • Did You Know..

    Parents have the most influence on their teens when it comes to safe, healthy choices.

  • Did You Know…

    Talk with your kids often. It’s not one, 60-minute conversation. It’s 60 one-minute conversations.

  • Did You Know…

    It may not seem like it but teens ARE looking for your approval and guidance.

  • Did You Know…

    Talk early. Talk often. Talk about Alcohol.

  • Did You Know…

    Research shows, ‘Strong parent disapproval is the number 1 reason why teens have chosen not to drink or do drugs.

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